Why Is Online Conveyancing Advantageous?

Conveyancing is the legal transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer. Online conveyancing is just as safe as normal conveyancing. The place where you should observe caution is when choosing the company. Not all company are fair in dealing. Hence, research well before choosing your online conveyancers.

What is online conveyancing?

Instead of the conveyancing solicitors being physically present, they will follow the same procedure, online. Whether buying or selling, the solicitors will send you documents and alerts through your email or SMS. You will have to take prints out of the same, sign and send it back to them. This way the conveyancing process is done pretty quickly and you save lots of time and money.

Choosing the right firm

It is totally your call. If you are opting for online conveyancing, read the reviews and testimonials of the firms you have narrowed down. Try to contact previous clients of the firm and get a first hand account of their services and client care duties.

If you find them satisfactory, you should go ahead and engage them for your legal transactions.

Why is it advantageous?

In this fast moving world, time is money. When everything seems to be going online, why not conveyancing? Its advantages are:

It is quick and reliable. There are no postal conveyancing delays and no hidden postal charges, or printing charges or photocopying charges.

No charges if you are not committed to the firm. Unlike in traditional conveyancing, you don’t have to pay anything until you are totally committed to the conveyancing solicitor’s services.

Extended working hours. The local firms or solicitors do not entertain clients before and after certain working hours. Going online means you are breaking all those barriers.

You have wide options to choose from, which is highly unlikely to happen if you were to go door to door enquiring about each and every solicitor for his/her service charges and expertise. You don’t have to settle for less and having lots of options means you can choose the best among the best.

If a traditional conveyancing takes 12 weeks, online conveyancing takes less than 6 weeks.

Are there any disadvantages?

Well, yes. Many local and inexperienced firms and tricksters are out there who try to lure their victims with dirt cheap deals and offers, but bill the clients with a hefty amount.

But the incidences are rare and this can be totally avoided if you choose the right firm as stated earlier.

Does cheap conveyancing mean fraud?

Not all the time. But you need to use your common sense here. It is always possible that cheap conveyancing charges can produce great customer satisfaction. There are over 150 online conveyancers with good testimonials from independent advisory committees to help the public choose their conveyancers.

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