Significance of Reverse Logistics in the Supply Chain Management Process

Reverse logistics is one area of the whole supply chain solutions that really needs to be looked into by any company, in keeping with the present competitive scenario. As the name suggests, it involves the entire post sales process that include product, commodity, service or application.

What are the qualities of a good logistics service provider? A good logistics service provider would take care to understand your specific needs and then provide solutions as per your requirements. So, innovative and customized solutions are the trademark of any service provider in the reverse supply chain. Other characteristics are advanced automation and data management systems which in the long run help you to analyze your data and provide engineered solutions.

What are the things you should look for in your reverse logistics service provider?
If you are availing the services of a reverse logistics service provider, you should always see that the company facilitates unlimited reporting and data mining capabilities. There should be transparency in the entire reverse supply chain that include return order visibility, shipment statuses as well as an integration to WMS suite of services and ongkir wahana functionality.

What additional services is your logistics service provider offering you?
Among the various disposition methods that are a part of your reverse supply chain are returning to vendor for credit, online auctions, reselling into alternative channels, donating to charity or disposal. Reverse Network Logistics Engineering; Product Returns; Reverse Fulfillment; Repair and Refurbishment; Recall’s and Asset Recovery; Testing and Warranty management are additional services you can expect from a good service provider. This in the long run help in managing returns effectively.

What are the areas that can utilize reverse logistics services?
Among the various areas where the concept of logistics can be applied are food, fashion/apparel, general merchandise, specialty, convenience, cash and carry, shop in shop. Other than that are home, multi-brand franchise, pharmacy, jewelry/watches, consumer packages, goods, hotels, health industry and many more.

An optimized reverse logistics solution coupled with individual strategic goals and program specifics can go way ahead in achieving customer satisfaction in the long run. So, do take care of your reverse supply chain for optimal benefit from your business. Streamline your infrastructure, and discipline operational progression in your retail chain management with just the right reverse logistics solutions.

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