Apply For a Green Card – How to Apply For the Green Card Lottery

An enormous number of individuals apply for green card each day as they fantasy about working, examining or living in the U. S. The U. S. Division of State holds a Diversity Immigrant Visa program, otherwise called the “Green Card Lottery,” when consistently, and around 50,000 individuals from different nations all over the planet are given visas for the U. S. The division has its own standards as per which it chooses these individuals who should fill in the essential structures and outfit supporting archives to qualify

You should have the necessary information about a few angles on the off chance that you wish to apply for green card. Assuming that you might want to apply for a Diversity Immigrant Visa, utilizing the green card lottery framework, you should finish every one of the necessary customs two years ahead of time. This implies that in case you apply in the year 2009, the outcomes will be pronounced in the year 2011.

In spite of the fact that it is known as the green card lottery, it is very surprising from a monetary lottery. In a monetary lottery quite possibly every participant can similarly win. Green card lottery above all else has specific limitations with respect to which nation can apply for that specific year. Then, at that point, you should fit the bill for the base standards with respect to training and work insight.

Why You Should Register Now

In case you are a local of the qualified country for a specific year, you are at a benefit in case you register promptly instead of going through a family or a business. Assuming you are picked through the green card lottery, you get the legitimate right to live and kbc lottery 2022 work in the U. S. This implies that you don’t need to invest energy pausing and you don’t need to go on a guest’s visa.


The qualification for applying for the green card lottery is indicated under Section 203 (c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) consistently. The qualified rundown of nations that can apply for green card, the work prerequisites and the instructive capabilities are indicated by the U.S. government under the individual areas.

You can be qualified for a green card under the accompanying conditions:

Your life partner or you should be the locals of the nations referenced on the rundown of qualified nations.
Over the most recent five years you more likely than not worked in a perceived occupation for something like two years. This must likewise incorporate a preparation time of around two years.
You can apply on the web, however you should apply inside the predetermined time period so your application might be thought of.

You can apply for green card in case you have a place with the six qualified areas that the U. S. government has determined for a specific year. The U.S. counts those districts ineligible that have sent in excess of 50,000 outsiders to the country whenever over the most recent five years.

After You Apply

When you apply for green card lottery you should go through a holding up period till the application cutoff time has elapsed. Consistently the date of getting the “Notice of Approval” will be announced by the U. S. Division of State. You will be given nitty gritty directions with respect to what you should do after you are chosen. For instance, for the year 2008, individuals who have been chosen for variety foreigner visas through the green card lottery framework will accept their endorsement letter at whenever from April to July of the year 2009.

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